The Chomel-Coinon Arenas / Les Arènes Chomel-Coinon

Equestrian and bullfighting events

The Chomel-Coinon Arenas / Les Arènes Chomel-Coinon

The Chomel-Coinon Arenas / Les Arènes Chomel-Coinon

The Chomel-Coinon Arenas / Les Arènes Chomel-Coinon

Arènes municipales Chomel-Coinon
Avenue Folco de Baroncelli
13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence
Latitude : 43.78283
Longitude : 4.83375

Chomel-Coinon Municipal Arenas: An emblematic place of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence / Arènes Chomel-Coinon

The Chomel-Coinon Municipal Arenas, located in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, are an emblematic place of Provencal culture and traditions. These arenas are the stage for numerous equestrian and bullfighting events, reflecting the region's attachment to its heritage and traditions.

Heifer Race / Course de vachettes

Among the notable events taking place in these arenas, we can mention the Heifer Race, a typical bullfighting show in the region. The cows, smaller and less dangerous than bulls, offer a entertaining and accessible show for all ages.

Heifer Pool / Vachette Piscine

Another event not to be missed is the Heifer Pool. This unique and fun activity combines the excitement of the cow race with the pleasure of a pool, creating an unforgettable experience for spectators.


The arenas also host the Inter-villages event, a friendly competition between the different villages in the region. It is an opportunity for local communities to come together and celebrate their common heritage.

Camargue Race / Course camarguaise

Finally, the Camargue Race is another flagship event of the Chomel-Coinon Municipal Arenas. This ancestral tradition, also called "free race", features bulls and raseteurs in a speed and agility competition.

The Chomel-Coinon Municipal Arenas are much more than a simple show place. They are the beating heart of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, a place where centuries-old traditions are celebrated and perpetuated for future generations.