Explore History through the Hôtel de Sade

Historic monument located in the heart of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence / Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Explore History through the Hôtel de Sade

Hôtel de Sade

Hôtel de Sade

Hôtel de Sade
Rue du parage
13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence
Latitude : 43.78955
Longitude : 4.83078

Introduction to the Hôtel de Sade

The Hôtel de Sade is a remarkable historical building, located in the center of the old town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. This mansion illustrates the grandeur of the de Sade family, who received their nobility title from the pope in the 14th century. It is interesting to note that Balthazar de Sade, who commissioned the construction of this mansion, is an ancestor of the famous Marquis de Sade. Today, the Hôtel de Sade serves as an "archaeological museum" for the Glanum site and has undergone numerous architectural transformations since the 4th century.

Origins and evolution of the Hôtel de Sade

The site on which the Hôtel de Sade stands was originally a large thermal complex dating from the 4th century. In the Middle Ages, a chapel initially named Notre-Dame-de-la-Tour was built on the ruins of the baths. In the 12th century, this small chapel was renovated and enlarged to become the Saint-Pierre church of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence / Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

Transformation during the Renaissance and the Revolution

In 1513, Balthazar de Sade commissioned the construction of a mansion, combining Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements. During the French Revolution, the hotel was used for various purposes, including as the seat of a political club, as a theater, as a carpentry and forge workshop. In 1897, part of the hotel collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

The Hôtel de Sade today

In 1929, the entire building complex was purchased by the State and classified as a historic monument. Since 1954, the Hôtel de Sade has been used as a storage place for the excavations of the Glanum site, and its collections have been on public display since 1968. The current site, which covers about 2000 square meters, continues to exhibit a selection of the most beautiful archaeological pieces from the Glanum archaeological site.

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