Alpilles Museum

Diverse exhibitions on Archaeology, Natural Sciences, Ethnology and Graphic Arts

Alpilles Museum

The Alpilles Museum

The Alpilles Museum

Musée Des Alpilles
7 Rue Carnot
13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence
Latitude : 43.78929
Longitude : 4.83087

History and Location

This gem of Provencal heritage is nestled in the heart of the historic centre of Saint-Rémy de Provence / Saint-Rémy de Provence. It is housed in the Mistral de Mondragon mansion, a historic monument dating from the Renaissance. Since 1919, this place full of history has been hosting the museum, offering visitors a journey through time and the culture of the region.

The Exhibitions Offered

The establishment offers an exploration of Provence through four main themes. Archaeology reveals traces of the past, while Natural Sciences tell the story of local wildlife. Ethnology offers an insight into the region's millennia-old way of life, from agriculture to traditional costumes and festivals. Finally, Graphic and Photographic Arts highlight the artistic richness of the region.

The Establishment's Mission

The museum's mission is to preserve, restore, study and enrich its collections. It strives to make them accessible to as many people as possible, thus contributing to the advancement of knowledge and research. The establishment is a key player in the culture of Saint-Rémy and the Alpilles territory, making everything that forms the foundations of this culture both sensitive and intelligible.

The Museum's Commitment

Committed to the sustainable development of the territory, the establishment carries the mark of the Regional Natural Park Value. It is also part of the Welcome Bike network, offering services adapted to cycling tourists. The museum strives to make you discover the best of what the territory has to offer.

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