Lake Peiroou / Lac de Peiroou

Artificial lake in the heart of the Alpilles, also called the Dam. A unique place surrounded by forests and mountains, ideal for walking and picnicking in Saint-Rémy de Provence .

Lake Peiroou / Lac de Peiroou

Lake Peiroou, also known as the Dam

Lake Peiroou, also known as the Dam

Lac de Peiroou
Avenue Antoine de la Salle
13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence
Latitude : 43.77006
Longitude : 4.82864

Artificial lake in the heart of the Alpilles

Lake Peiroou, also known as the Dam, is near Saint-Rémy de Provence.
The lake site offers a unique and typical landscape of the Alpilles. Combining forest, rocky slopes and water, the lake is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists.

Access restrictions

Lake Peiroou is a fragile natural site:

  • Swimming for people and animals prohibited
  • Camping and fires prohibited
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Do not leave waste

Site subject to access restrictions to the Alpilles massif during drought periods.

Info on the Alpilles park website

Lake Peiroou
Lake Peiroou

The little history of the lake

Its name comes from the Provençal "pèiroù" which means cauldron.
On this site, the Romans had built a dam to create a reserve to supply water by an aqueduct to the baths and fountains of the city of Glanum. This dam was one of the first "arch-dams" in history.

The current dam was built in October 1891, in the same place as the Romans, to supply the fountains of Saint-Rémy de Provence.

Dam characteristics

Type : Gravity dam with overflow crest (a gravity dam is a dam whose own mass is enough to oppose the pressure exerted by the water).
Altitude : 130 m
Height : 19 m
Development : 22 m
Width : 7m (base) - 1m (crest)
Capacity : 80 000 m3
Source : Information panels on the site itself.
Lake Peiroou
Lake Peiroou