The Natural Treasures of Saint-Rémy de Provence: Lakes, Rivers, and Much More

From peaceful lakes to vast expanses...

Saint-Rémy de Provence: Nature and Discovery

At the heart of the Alpilles, Saint-Rémy de Provence reveals a rich and preserved nature. The limestone reliefs and lush trails offer unique panoramas of the Provençal countryside.

Lakes and Rivers of Saint-Rémy

The lakes of Peiroou and Barreau are oases of tranquility, reflecting the beauty of the Alpilles. Watercourses, including the Alpines canal, complete this natural tableau, inviting relaxation and discovery.

The Cascades of the Alpilles Canal / Les Cascades du canal des Alpines

photo The Cascades of the Alpilles Canal

A place for walking and hiking, "The Cascades" are a site appreciated by walkers in search of a typical landscape of the Alpilles.
The cascades are located along the Alpilles canal which irrigates part of the Saint-Rémoise region.

Peiroou Lake / Lac de Peiroou

photo Peiroou Lake

The Peiroou lake, also called the Dam, is located near Saint-Rémy de Provence.
The lake site offers a unique and typical setting of the Alpilles landscape. Mixing forest, rocky slopes and water body, the lake is one of the most popular destinations for Saint-Rémois and tourists.

Barreau Lake / Lac de Barreau

photo Barreau Lake

A place for fishing and walking, the Barreau lake is located 4 km from the city center of Saint-Rémy de Provence (D5, direction Maillane).
Dug in the 80s to drain rainwater, the lake has become a popular tourist destination during periods of summer heat.